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Welcome at Flagship

The world is increasingly complex and demanding, and the shipping industry is no exception.
Nowadays, vessels sail thanks to a range of sophisticated electronic devices for both: the engine room and bridge.
To keep the equipment in good condition and your vessel ready to go 24/7, you should not gamble with the ship management.
You deserve professional support.
Flagship Company is a solution supplier.

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Throughout our 15 years of experience in ship management, we have emphasized the pursuit of excellence in all our operations. We aim to provide Shipowners with peace of mind by keeping your asset available and in seaworthy condition at all times.
We offer zero concern packages so that you can focus on your core business while we manage the rest.

« Flagship Company : a solution supplier. »

Our team is highly committed. We strive to deliver appropriate answers and always rise to the challenge of meeting our customer’s expectations. All while improving with every task.
We only hire staff members who are just enthusiastic about what they do!

Our offices are spread from the
Caribbean to Northern Europe to answer our customers’ queries and follow them up over several time zones. Our headquarter is located in Fort-de-France, the capital of Martinique. The office is strategically located by the historic dry dock facility, build in 1864. From there, we are managing our Caribbean business. Our second office in Malta is located in the beautiful residential town of Swieqi in northern Malta. Additionally, we have staff who work remotely to answer your request.  Thanks to our locations, we can answer any of your questions in English and French.

« Global implementation, local attention. »
Together with our sister company TeamUp, we envision delivering all-encompassing services to our customers, from ship management, maintenance to the perfect crew. Check our sister company under: http://teamup-management.com