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A word from our CEO

Hi there, I’m Pierre Martin
I’m the founder and CEO of Flagship, and today I want to take the opportunity to introduce myself and my journey towards maritime.

I’ve been in the Maritime Industry for over 15 years, improving ships operation in the Caribbean. I have moved from France to sunny Martinique in my mid-20ies, initially as a scuba diving instructor. After 15 years managing outdoor tours in tourism, I found a job as an Admin and Safety Manager for a local tug boat company by chance. Then, I fell in love with the maritime industry. And that’s how my story started. So, if you are facing an opportunity, take it; interesting paths may open up.

Anyhow, ever since, I have managed vessels, oversaw maintenance work, trained crew members within the Caribbean. Now, I seek to extend our services offering maritime recruiting and crew management.

Certificates from Maritime Colleges

  • Ship management & Fleet Technical Management by Lloyds Maritime Academy, London
  • Designated Person Ashore by Lloyds Maritime Academy, London.
  • Company/ Ship Security Officer (CSO/ SSO) 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Ship Sale and Purchase 2019 by Lloyds Maritime Academy, London.
  • Crew Manning Certificate 2020 by Lloyds Maritime Academy, London.
  • Internal Auditor for ISM, IPS and MLC 2006 by Germanischer Lloyds, Copenhagen
  • Team leader for oil pollution management in coastal areas by CEDRE, Brest/France
  • Ship Sanitation Inspector, assigned by Prefets of Martinique and Guadeloupe for ports of Martinique, Guadeloupe and Saint Martin (French side)
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